Middle Management Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

What format are the modules presented in?

Each module has a welcome introduction video and overview from me. Each module is broken up into four (4) lessons that are housed within a slide show video.

Is there a Workbook and Homework? 

There is a workbook to complete in each module that includes questions for each lesson, along with Challenges, Quizzes, Assessments and Homework over the duration of the course.

Do we get a Certificate?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate on completion of the 24 modules along with a Statement of Attainment outlining each Module. This is not certification training, this is results driven training, as I truly believe in achieving results in your personal and professional development.

Do you have Organisational Membership or Individual Only?

The course is designed for individual personal and professional development. If there are a number of individuals enrolling from one organisation a half or full day workshop will be an additional option to develop a united team and building an Action Plan together.

What is the total length of training or is it ongoing?

The course is for 12 months. There will be the opportunity to continue with other courses on offer as well you will always be part of the Middle Management Movement Alumni closed group discussion and the opportunity to attend networking and development events.

What sets this course apart from other management courses?

With over two decades working closely with frontline and leadership teams in the Hospitality Industry I have developed multiple training programs to engage and empower individuals and unite teams. I am very passionate about the Hospitality Industry and through the various services that my company Optimum Operating Procedures & Services (OOPS) we are seen as a leading expert in the industry and this can be attested by clients who have taken me on their journey continuously for many years including our first client who joined us in 1999. However, it’s more than just the organisation it’s the people who I have had the honour and privilege to train, coach and mentor. I will personally be with you on your journey, this is not a course where you are working by yourself. Together we will achieve your goal to be the leader you want to be.

Who is this Course designed for?

This course has been designed for those who are wanting to achieve their goals on the leadership journey. You could be the CEO, Duty Manager, Manager, Supervisor or aspiring to be a leader, this course will guide you on your journey with support from the Middle Management Movement community and me. 

I will be there as your coach and mentor, however, you have to put the hard yards in and ask yourself “where do I want to be five years from now”?