Middle Management Movement

12 Month Content Outline

Starting from July 2018, two modules will be released every month.

Module 1: Defining Leadership

Who are the leaders in your life. Traits and behaviours of leaders and your leadership style.

Module 2: Core Values

Personal core values. Displaying core values in the workplace. Organisational values and congruency.

Module 3: Stepping up Boss -v- Buddy

The importance of being fair, respectful and the integrity of friendship.

Module 4: How to Engage your Team to Develop Loyalty

Being the leader your team will want to support. Doing what you say you will do. Mental health awareness.

Module 5: Handling Conflict in the Workplace

Why does conflict occur, how to listen, resolve and making the tough decisions.

Module 6: Recognition in the Workplace

Behavioural and Engagement programs. Creating and identifying program champions.

Module 7: Behavioural Profiling

Identifying your strengths and opportunities. How to use your strengths in developing your leadership style. 

Module 8: Working with Teams from Diverse Backgrounds

Handling cultural diversity within the team. Getting the best out of a multi generational team. Key learning styles.

Module 9: Are you Creating a Positive Internal Experience

Providing intentional care. Importance of connection and how to show genuine care.

Module 10: Organisational Performance

How to keep your team engaged, building trust and empowerment.

Module 11: How to Communicate a Great Idea to your Senior Managers

How to prepare to present to the Board. Preparation and presentation of your idea.

Module 12: Building Morale

Zapping negativity. Not accepting the behaviours of the “Skunk” team members. Being honest and trustworthy.

Module 13: Handling Organisational Change

How to be the driver of organisational change. Supporting your peers in the leadership team and those on the frontline

Module 14: Creating a Hassle Free Environment

Why listening proactively to your team is important. Resolving frustrations.

Module 15: How are you Connecting with your Leadership Team

How to get the most out of your meetings. Stepping up within the team. A united team achieves the goals.

Module 16: Leading a Customer Service Focused Team

Discovering service stereotypes in the hospitality industry and how to move to the next level of the Customer Experience.

Module 17: Developing Quality Standards

Defining your Non Negotiable Service Standards with a behavioural definition.

Module 18: Personal Growth and Professional Development

Developing your personal brand. What do you need to do to get from here to there.

Module 19: Being Ready for Annual Review

Preparation and listening with discernment. Asking for the opportunity to progress.

Module 20: Preparing for your Next Role

Writing your resume and how to prepare and present yourself for an interview.

Module 21: How to Turn around “Groundhog Day” Meetings

Establish a clear road map of goals and required outcomes. Team members holding each other accountable, a united team front.

Module 22: Becoming a Workplace of Choice

Working with HR ensuring the right candidates are on the team after probation ends.

Module 23: Body Language Influences the Connection with your Team

Being confident, approachable and caring through your body language to engage and empower your team.

Module 24: Resiliency – Handling Life’s Challenges 

How to handle adversity. The impact on your role and silencing the inner critic.